CO2 Capture Technology: Application Examples

There are many CO2 capture needs from a variety of emissions sources such as biomass power plants, LNG liquefaction plants, cement plants, and waste-to-energy (WtE) plants in addition to thermal power plants. Engineering capability to provide a range of equipment accommodating varying levels of CO2 capture is required to accommodate a variety of emissions sources. MHI is further expanding the application of our core technologies.

CO2 Capture from a Variety of Emissions Sources

Biomass power plant

Drax Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering have agreed a long-term arrangement for Drax to use its carbon capture technology

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Drax Power Station (Photo provided by Drax)
Drax Power Station (Photo provided by Drax)

Compact CO2 capture System

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Compact CO2 Capture Systems

LNG liquefaction Plant

Execute Engineering Services Agreement for Carbon Capture at Rio Grande LNG Project in Texas

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Rio Grande LNG project in the Port of Brownsville, Texas
(Photo provided by NextDecade Corporation)

Cement Plant

Low Carbon on Cement Possible with CCS in Alberta, Canada

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Aerial photo of Lehigh Cement Plant in Edmonton, Alberta
(Photo provided by Lehigh Cement)

CO2 Capture Demonstration Test at Operating Cement Plant in Japan

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Tokuyama's Nanyo Plant
(Photo provided by Tokuyama Corp.)

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant

Capture and Effective Use of CO2 from Waste-to-Energy Plant

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Yokohama Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau's Tsurumi WtE Plant
(Photo provided by Yokohama City)
Realization of a carbon cycle society flow

Aluminium refining plant

Feasibility Study for Applying CO2 Capture Technology at Aluminium Smelting Plant in Bahrain

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Natural Gas Plant (turbo compressor flue gas)

Carbon Capture Technology for Natural Gas Plant in Italy

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