CO2 Capture Technology: CO2 Capture Technologies achievements

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As of February 2024, KM CDR Process has been adopted at 16 commercial plants worldwide, and 2 more are currently under construction.


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Petra Nova

The Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project is the largest post combustion CO2 capture project in the world. It is located in Thompsons, southern Texas, USA, on a coal fired power plant and commenced commercial operation at the end of December 2016.
This project is a large-scale with the CO2 utilized for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project conducted by Petra Nova Parish Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation.

The CO2 Capture Plant itself consists of flue gas pre-treatment (desulfurization), CO2 absorption and regeneration, CO2 compression, and utilities. It captures 4,776 tons of CO2 per day from coal-fired power generation plant, which contains a high concentration of CO2 in its flue gas, with a CO2 capture rate(Note1) of 90%.

  • 1CO2 capture rate (%): The ratio of CO2 captured by our CO2 Capture Plants to the amount of CO2 contained in combustion flue gas.

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