Steam Turbines
[ Thermal Power Plant ]

Steam turbines are used in a variety of power generating equipment, from in-house power generators to nuclear power plants.
MHI group produces highly efficient and reliable steam turbines, backed by extensive experience and proprietary know-how. Our cutting-edge steam turbine technologies include higher performance blades and long Integral Shroud Blades (ISBs), as well as materials to achieve higher temperatures. Meeting the diverse needs of our customers, we manufactures a wide range of steam turbines from small single-cylinder turbines for in-house power generation to large nuclear turbines. As for large-scale turbines, in particular, we can provide over 1,000MW turbines for both 50Hz and 60Hz users and for both thermal and nuclear power plants. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has steadily contributed to the development of highly efficient coal-fired thermal power plants by raising the operable temperature range of its steam turbines. We have already delivered several units capable of operating at supercritical main steam temperatures of 600°C and reheat steam temperatures of 620°C. Currently, we are pushing for another technological breakthrough by developing the next-generation steam turbines capable of operating at ultra-supercritical steam conditions in the 700°C range and up to 35 MPa. Leveraging our global production sites, we provide economical and highly reliable products designed and produced to meet the specific application and requirements of our customers. To date, we have delivered over 2,600 steam turbines to 70 countries worldwide. By offering highly efficient turbines that meet the needs of our customers, we strive to contribute to global CO2 reduction and preservation of the environment.

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