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Mitsubishi shipbuilding provides not only FGSS package, but also engineering services for designing and building LNG fuel ships based on the long experience and know-hows which have been accumlated by building LNG carriers.
And after ship delivery, Mitsubishi shipbuilding supplies spare and/or repair parts and dispatchs service engineers. In addition, Mitsubishi shipbuilding provides ship operation support services which meet customer's request, such as training of gas handling operation for crews on LNG fuel ship and technical support of special operation (ex. gas free operation before docking).

Master schedule

Example of available service provided by Mitsubishi shipbuilding

F/S Principal particular (Preliminary) (Option)
Rough arrangement of LNG tank and gas plant (Option)
... etc.
FEED General arrangement (Preliminary) (Option)
Fuel preparation room arrangement (Preliminary) (Option)
Arrangement of gas hazardous area (Preliminary) (Option)
LNG fuel operation plan (Preliminary) (Option)
Safety assessment (Option)
... etc.
Detail design FGSS provide BASE
LNG piping stress calculation (Preliminary) (Option)
LNG handling manual (Preliminary) (Option)
LNG piping arrangement (Preliminary) (Option)
Arrangement of gas detection system (Preliminary) (Option)
... etc.
Commissioning & Sea trial FGSS commissioning work BASE
LNG fuel test plan (Preliminary) (Option)
Operation assistance for LNG fuel test (Option)
... etc.
On service After service for FGSS BASE
Maintenance support (Option)
Training of LNG fuel handling for ship crew (Option)
Operation assistance for gas free before docking and/or initial cooldown after docking (Option)
... etc.

Mitsubishi shipbuilding gas handling experts support the planning and shipbuilding of LNG fuel ship.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding LNG fuel ship.

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