[ Renewable energy power plant ]

MHI Group has been a supplier of high-quality water turbines for hydroelectric plants, utilizing its proprietary technologies backed by decades of research and development.
Today, hydroelectric power systems are offered by its joint-venture subsidiary, HM HYDRO (Hitachi Mitsubishi Hydro Corporation), which was set up combining the expertise of MHI, Mitsubishi Electric, and Hitachi. HM HYDRO deals in all types of high-performance turbines and pump turbines, including the Francis type, and is actively developing cutting-edge technology in the field of pumped-storage power generation, such as the 800-m class ultra-high-head pump turbine. The company has a solid track record of supplying large-capacity machines that boast a record-breaking scale of hydroelectric power generation and is continuing its endeavor to design even more efficient and reliable generators, generator-motors, and adjustable-speed generator-motors.

MHI provides manufacturing services of water turbines and valves for HM HYDRO.

3x144 MW Vertical Francis Type Water Turbine.
2x205 MW Vertical Francis Type Pump Turbine.
EGAT/Srinagarind Power Station (Thailand).


2 x 329 MW Vertical Francis Type Pump Turbine.
Kansai Electric Power Co. / Ohkawachi Power
2 x 103 MW Vertical Deriaz Type Pump Turbine.
Hokkaido Electric Power Co. /
Takami Power Station.
1 x 412 MW Vertical Francis Type Pump Turbine.
Tokyo Electric Power Co. /
Kazunogawa Power Station.


Dia. 2.3 m Spherical Valve.
Tokyo Electric Power Co. /
Kannagawa Power Station.
Dia. 5.5 m Flow Through Valve.
EGAT / Sirikit Power Station (Thailand).

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