Geothermal Power Plants
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Geothermal Power Plants
Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) are an equipment that cleans the flue gases emitted from thermal power plants.
Geothermal power generation uses magma heat energy trapped within the earth’s surface. As no combustion on the ground takes place, carbon dioxide emission is limited, protecting our planet from global warming. Heat energy exists in large quantities within the earth and, while it is a source of renewable energy, it is not affected by weather conditions, making geothermal power generation comparable with that of thermal power generation, in terms of availability.

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Mitsubishi Power Geothermal Power Plants

Mitsubishi Power was the first in the world to combine the two-phase flow transportation system and the double flash cycle technologies, which has become the global standard in geothermal power generation. Developed based on extensive research findings, our geothermal power plants have been verified to produce high performance and high availability all over the world. For example, the Los Azufres III geothermal power plant in Mexico, which came into operation in 2015, exhibited an availability of 99.6% during the one-year period after the start of its operation.

Building on our expertise in the field, we continue to be the top global provider of geothermal power generation systems.

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