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Primetals Technologies offers new electrode control system for electric arc and ladle furnaces


With „Melt Expert“, Primetals Technologies offers a new electrode control system for operators of electric arc and ladle furnaces. Melt Expert has been developed based on more than 35 years of experience with the Arcos and Simelt electrode control systems. The new system unifies the advantages of the previous solutions. New features like KPI (key performance indicator) indication, plant monitoring, customer orientated interfaces as well as sophisticated control strategies ensure most efficient production. Auto-adaptive regulation algorithms reduce energy consumption and increase melting efficiency. The system contains automatic melting profiles and adapts process parameters when required. This increases productivity. To ensure a high degree of reliability in a rough industrial environment, robustness and operational safety were a main focus during development. Amortization of Melt Expert may be achieved within less than nine months. For existing customers, Primetals Technologies offers upgrade kits to convert Arcos and Simelt systems to the new technology.