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Press Information

Two New Series of Residential Air Conditioners to be Launched
-- Eleven High-performance and Standard Models Incorporate Numerous Innovations and Improvements --

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[RP Series]

Major Features of the New Models

1. Automatic filter cleaning
Featured on the new RP Series, this function keeps the inside of the wall-mounted unit remarkably clean over an extended period of time. On average the dust box requires cleaning only once a year. A special lamp illuminates to notify the user when cleaning is needed.

2. Smaller, lighter outdoor unit
The outdoor unit for smaller models in the TP Series (2.2 kW class) has been significantly reduced in size and weight. Installation work is easier as a result, and less installation space is required.

3. "Bio Clear" operating mode
With this function, viruses and allergens in the air are trapped in a special filter. This  air cleaning performance is made possible through the adoption of MHI proprietary humidity and temperature control technologies.

4. "JET" operating mode
A special JET airflow released by MHI's unique "JET BODY" results in a large volume of emitted air using minimal electric power, enabling the cool or warm air to flow even to the far corners of a room with minimal noise and vibration. The JET BODY design applies the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis technology used in creating the designs of jet engine rotors.

5. "WARP" operating mode
This function is convenient for cooling or heating a room faster than normally. It incorporates advanced technology of a kind enabled by MHI's deep involvement.

6. "Automatic Airflow"
This feature performs efficient, uniform, fast cooling or heating by automatically controlling the airflow volume and direction.

7. Timer operation
A timer function is provided that enables the air conditioner to come on and turn off automatically at the same times every day.

8. Redesigned remote
The remote control unit has been made more user-friendly for children and the elderly. The LED screen is larger, and frequently used buttons are bigger as well. Less frequently used buttons have been relocated to inside the cover.

9. Designed for sustained clean operation
Various functions have been incorporated to keep the wall-mounted unit clean at all times. These include a "cleaning plate heat exchange fin" that prevents dirt from adhering to the heat exchanger, a "bacteria-resistant fan" that suppresses growth of mold, etc., and an internal cleaning mode.


[Large LED screen remote control unit]