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Ship & Ocean News Release




14, 03, 2016
MHI Completes Delivery of "AIDAprima," a New-Generation Cruise Ship, to AIDA Cruises
-- Ship Sets Sail for Hamburg, Germany --
02, 11, 2015
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Co. Receives Its First Order:Very Large LPG Carrier for Astomos Energy
02, 10, 2015
MHI-MME Receives Order for Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) to be Installed on 11 Mega Container Carriers of Maersk Line of Denmark
-- WHRS Achieves Revolutionary Energy Saving through Recovery and Utilization of Exhaust Gas Waste Energy from Marine Diesel Engines --
28, 09, 2015
Two New Group Companies to Commence Business Operations in Ship Construction and Hull Block Manufacture
-- New Entities Take Over Ship Construction Business in Nagasaki Region in Move Aimed at Enhanced Competitiveness --
09, 09, 2015
MHI Receives Two Orders for "Sayaringo STaGE" Next-generation LNG Carrier for Delivery to Two JVs Established by Chubu Electric Power with MOL and NYK Line
08, 09, 2015
Decisions Reached on Names of Two Successor Companies Relating to Transfer of Ship Construction and Hull Block Manufacture Businesses to Two Consolidated Group Companies by Company Split
31, 08, 2015
MHI Receives Order from Hitachi Zosen for High-pressure Gas Supply System for Marine Engines
-- Use of LNG Fuel Enhances Environmental Compatibility --
31, 07, 2015
Notice Regarding Conclusion of Absorption-type Split Agreements Relating to Transfer of Ship Construction and Hull Block Manufacture Businesses To Two Consolidated Group Companies by Company Split
14, 05, 2015
MHI Receives Order from NYK Line For Two “Sayaringo STaGE” Next-generation LNG Carriers
-- Vessels to Transport of Shale Gas Produced in North America --


02, 03, 2015
MHI Receives Order for Very Large LPG Carrier from Astomos Energy -- Fourth Sister Vessel Since First Order in 2013 Provides World's Highest Level of Energy Efficiency, Enabling Passage through New Panama Canal --
04, 02, 2015
MHI to Spin Off Ship Construction and Hull Block Manufacture in Commercial Vessel Business at Nagasaki, Establishing Two New Group Companies -- Structural Reforms to be Pursued in Quest for Core Competence in Selected Products --
29, 01, 2015
MHI Receives Order for 2 Next-generation LNG Carriers from Mitsui -- First Order for Transporting Shale Gas Produced in North America --
19, 12, 2014
MHI Announces Shipbuilding Results in 2014
27, 11, 2014
MHI Completes Development of "Sayaringo STaGE," a Next-generation LNG Carrier Offering Superior Transport Efficiency and Fuel Performance, Engineered for New Panamax Needs
29, 10, 2014
First of 3 Bulk Carriers Delivered to ADM of the U.S. at Oshima Shipbuilding, Licensing Partner in Nagasaki -- New Vessel Achieves 27% Reduction in CO2 Emissions Through Adoption of Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS) --
28, 10, 2014
MHI Develops Deck Crane with Synchronized Control Functions -- First Delivery Completed of Three 50-ton Units Enabling Loading of 150m-long Cargo --
24, 10, 2014
MHI and Chiyoda Corporation Complete Development of World's First H2/CO2-FPSO: Floating Facility for Producing and Offloading Hydrogen and CO2 Made from Associated Petroleum Gas -- Approval in Principle Received from ClassNK --
21, 10, 2014
MHI-MME Agrees to License Propeller Production and Marketing to Chinese Manufacturer of Marine Propellers -- First Licensing Agreement Applying to Propellers --
29, 09, 2014
MHI Receives Order for Very Large LPG Carrier from Astomos Energy -- Vessel to Provide World's Highest Level of Energy Efficiency, with Specifications Enabling Passage through New Panama Canal --
04, 06, 2014
MHI Delivers Cargo-passenger Ship "Tachibana-Maru" to Tokai Kisen At its Shimonoseki Shipyard and Machinery Works - Outstanding Energy Savings, Environmental Load Reduction, and Enhancement of Passenger Comfort and Safety Achieved -
27, 05, 2014
First Order for Next-Generation UEC50LSH-Eco Marine Diesel Engine Developed by MHI-MME - New Engine Offers Lower Fuel Consumption During Slow Steaming -
22, 05, 2014
First Ore Carrier Equipped with Mitsubishi Energy Recovery System (MERS) Goes Into Service - Fuel Savings of 8% Achieved in At-Sea Trial-
08, 05, 2014
MHI Receives First Order through MI LNG For "Sayaendo" Next-generation LNG Carrier -- 8th Unit to Date, for Delivery to Nippon Yusen --


25, 03, 2014
MHI Receives Order for Very Large LPG Carrier from Astomos Energy, Identical to Ship Type Ordered Late Last Year -- Vessel Specifications Enable Passage through Expanding Panama Canal --
13, 02, 2014
MHI and Mitsubishi Kakoki Jointly Develop Hybrid SOx Scrubber that Complies with Stringent New Marine Emission Regulations
- Desulfurization of Exhaust from Heavy Fuel Oil to Low-Sulfur Fuel Oil Level-
05, 02, 2014
MHI Concludes Collaborative Agreement in Engineering with OMT, An European Ship Designer
-- Target on Expansion of Licensing Business --
20, 12, 2013
MHI Announces Shipbuilding Results in 2013
06, 12, 2013
MHI Receives Order for Very Large LPG Carrier from Astomos Energy
-- Vessel Offers World-class Energy Efficiency and Versatility Adaptable to Major LPG Terminals --
21, 11, 2013
MHI-MME Receives Orders from HHI for Ultra Steam Turbine Plants For Four (4) LNGC for PETRONAS of Malaysia
13, 11, 2013
Innovative Marine-use Fuel Cell System Marks World First Passing Trial Operation in Actual Marine Setting
-- Commercialization of Compact, High-efficiency, High-reliability System Now Clearly in View --
11, 11, 2013
MHI and NEC to Jointly Develop "Energy Demand Forecast System for Ships,"
-- Enabling Energy Savings During Operations at Sea Based on Precise Projections --
22, 10, 2013
Consortium of 5 Japanese Companies to Acquire Stake In ECOVIX Engevix Construções Oceânicas, a Major Brazilian Shipbuilder -- Advanced Technology and Operating Expertise to be Provided In Quest for Mutual Prosperity --
17, 10, 2013
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Develops Electro-assist MET Turbocharger to Achieve 30% Energy Saving,In Partnership with Calnetix Technologies
30, 09, 2013
MHI Receives Order from JAMSTEC for Wide-area Seabed Research Vessel To be Equipped with Numerous State-of-the-Art Research Capabilities -- Vessel to Advance Efficient and Expansive Study of Seabed Resources –
31, 07, 2013
Agreement Approved on Split-off of MHI's Marine Machinery & Marine Engine Business Operations to Wholly Owned Subsidiary
30, 06, 2013
MHI Begins Construction of New Generation AIDA Cruise Ships with Leading-edge Environmental Technologies
26, 06, 2013
Coral Propagation and Transplantation Technologies Implemented by MBE Receive "Environmental Technology Verification" Designation from Ministry of the Environment
04, 06, 2013
MHI Receives Order for 7th "Sayaendo" New-generation LNG Carrier from "K" Line and INPEX Subsidiary JV to Transport Ichthys Project LNG
16, 05, 2013
MHI Signs Agreement with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines to Build "Sayaendo" New-generation LNG Carrier
-- For Transportation of Ichthys Project LNG to Osaka Gas and Kyushu Electric Power --
07, 05, 2013
MHI to Collaborate with Chengxi Shipyard (Xinrong) of China in Retrofitting Work of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
-- Combining Technological Strength and Cost Competitiveness to Bring Advantageous Position in Global Market --
25, 04, 2013
MHI Signs contracts with PGS of Norway for 2 Additional Ramform Vessels, Capable of High-accuracy, Wide-range 3D Seismic Data Acquisition -- 4 Vessels Ordered in Total --
11, 04, 2013
MHI Joins World Ocean Council (WOC)
-- First WOC Member from Japan, Move Targeted at Building Cross-Industrial Relationships to Explore Creating New Business Value --


25, 03, 2013
MHI and Imabari Shipbuilding to Establish JV for Designing and Marketing LNG Carriers -- Move Taken to Accommodate Large-scale Projects as Way of Winning Solid Place in Expanding International Market --
18, 03, 2013
MHI and Hakata Shipbuilding Agree on Collaboration in Joint Development of High-performance 1,000 TEU Container Carrier
--2 Vessels Already Ordered for Charter by KMTC, Korea --
28, 01, 2013
MHI Licenses Marine Deck Crane Technology to SPP Machine Tech of Korea, Aiming at Further Expansion of Global Market Share
23, 01, 2013
MHI and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Co-develop Japan's First ClassNK Approved Installation Technology for Container-Type Ballast Water Treatment System -- Will Enable Faster BWTS Retrofitting and Deployment --
21, 12, 2012
MHI Announces Shipbuilding Results in 2012
12, 12, 2012
MHI to Enhance Cruise Ship Repair and Conversion Business To Accommodate Cruise Market Expansion in Asia -- Orders Taken to Refurbish Nippon Maru and Fuji Maru --
11, 12, 2012
MHI Begins Construction of First "Sayaendo" New-generation LNG Carrier At Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works -- For Osaka Gas and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines --
15, 10, 2012
MHI Receives Order for 2 Next-Generation Pure Car and Truck Carriers for NYK Line, Jointly with Imabari Shipbuilding -- Designed to Achieve 30% Reduction in Fuel Consumption Per Car --
03, 10, 2012
MHI Installs MALS (Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System) on a Ferry For First Time and Verifies Over 5% Fuel Efficiency Improvement - Sights On Expanded System Applications to High-speed, Slender Hull-form Ships -
29, 08, 2012
Obayashi, TOA and MBE to Begin Construction of Vertical Telescopic Breakwater at Shimotsu Harbor, Wakayama -- World's First Technology to Deploy a Breakwater Only in Event of Tsunami --
18, 07, 2012
MHI Renews Licensing Contract on Mitsubishi-UE Low-speed Marine Diesel Engines with Hyundai Heavy Industries, World's Largest Ship and Engine Builder
12, 07, 2012
MHI Licenses Deck Machinery Manufacture and Marketing to Imabari Shipbuilding -- Move Aimed at Expanding Share of MHI Technology-based Products --
09, 07, 2012
MHI Completes Full-scale Marine Diesel Testing Facility to Perform Technology Verification to Respond to Global Environmental Curbs
05, 07, 2012
MHI to Develop"UEC-LSGi," Low-speed, 2-stroke, Dual-fuel Marine Diesel Capable of Using Natural Gas in Addition to Conventional Heavy Oil Fuel
29, 06, 2012
MHI Receives Order for "Sayaendo" New-generation LNG Carrier From Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
12, 06, 2012
TØNSBERG, MHI's Massive RO/RO Vessel, Awarded "Ship of the Year 2011": High Transport Efficiency and Environmental Compatibility Recognized
06, 06, 2012
The First "Air-Carpet" for AIDA Cruise Ships - 7% Less Fuel Consumption by MALS (Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System) -
28, 05, 2012
MHI and Imabari Shipbuilding Agree on Collaboration In Container Carrier Technology, to Lead Market Through Synergy of Development Capabilities and Cost Competitiveness


21, 03, 2012
MHI Licenses Vessel Steering Gear and Deck Machinery Technology To Jiangsu Masada of China Move Aimed at Expanding Business in Trio of Marine-use Hydraulic Products, including Deck Crane, in Rapidly Growing Market
08, 02, 2012
MHI Develops System to Enhance Damage Stability of Ships To Reduce Capsizing Risk: Response to Revised SOLAS Convention -- First Order for Vessel with New System Placed by Nippon Shipping --
27, 12, 2011
MHI to License Shipbuilding Technology to L&T Group of India -- Wide-ranging Technology Support Agreed --
20, 12, 2011
MHI Announces Shipbuilding Results in 2011
29, 11, 2011
MHI to License MET Turbocharger Production and Marketing to STX Metal of Korea, Forming Structure of Close Collaboration
02, 11, 2011
MHI Receives Order for Two 125,000-ton Cruise Ships From Carnival Corporation & plc
28, 10, 2011
MHI to Build First "Sayaendo" New-generation LNG Carrier -- Two Ships for Osaka Gas/Mitsui O.S.K. Lines --
14, 10, 2011
MHI Develops Bulk Carrier Enabling 25% Reduction in CO2 Emissions; Will Provide Conceptual Design and Green Technologies For 3 Dry Bulk Carriers of ADM -- Important Contribution to Fight against Global Warming --
03, 08, 2011
MHI Reaches Agreement with Carnival Corporation & plc
On Construction of Two 125,000-ton Cruise Ships for AIDA Cruises Brand
12, 07, 2011
MHI Completes Development of "EXTREM," New-generation LNG Carrier of "Sayaendo" Seiries with Continuous Cover for Moss-type Spherical Tanks -- Enables Reductions in Size and Weight, Enhanced Performance --
06, 07, 2011
MHI Completes Modernization of Shimonoseki Shipyard To Enhance Productivity in Medium-size Vessel Construction -- 300-ton Suspension Capacity Jib Crane Installed at Enoura Plant --
22, 06, 2011
World's First SCR NOx Removal System Installed on Coal Bulker Built by Oshima Shipbuilding - Aiming to Meet the IMO's Tier III NOx Emission Controls -
20, 05, 2011
MHI Receives Order for Ballast Water Treatment System Installation Work From NYK for MHI-built Auriga Leader - First Order to MHI Team Specializing in System Retrofitting of Vessels in Service -
15, 04, 2011
MHI Receives Order from PGS of Norway for 2 Ramform Vessels Capable of High-accuracy, Wide-range 3D Seismic Data Acquisition
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