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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Address: 16-5 Konan 2-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 81-3-6716-3111
Facsimile: 81-3-6716-5800
Business Activities:
Engineering, manufacture and sale of ships, environmental improvement equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, space systems, air-conditioner, etc.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Environmental & Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 17th floor Yokohama Blue Avenue Building, 4-2, Minatomirai 4-chome, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0012, Japan
Telephone: 81-45-227-1280
Facsimile: 81-45-227-1293
Business Activities:
Design, manufacturing, installation, and engineering of various types of environmental devices and various types of equipment in the field of petrochemical plants.

MHI Nuclear Systems And Solution Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 7-1-14, Wadamiya-dori, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0863, Japan
Telephone: 81-78-671-2321
Facsimile: 81-78-672-4469

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Corporation

Address: 15th Floor, Igarashi Building, 2-11-5, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0023, Japan
Telephone: 81-3-6891-4440
Facsimile: 81-3-6891-4474
Business Activities:
Sales, installation work, and after-sales service for products for air conditioning, heating, freezing, refrigerating,and large freezing machines.

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Environmental Solutions, Ltd.

Address: 1-8, Sakuragi-cho 1-chome, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Telephone: 81-45-232-4948

Dia Ecotech Hiroshima Co., Ltd.

Address: 5-1, Ebaoki-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0837, Japan
Telephone: 81-82-235-3058
Facsimile: 81-82-235-3057
Business Activities:
Sorting, compression, packaging and storage activities for PET bottles and plastic containers and packaging.

Jukan Operation Co., Ltd.

Address: 14th floor Yokohama Blue Avenue Building, 4-2, Minatomirai 4-chome, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 220-0012, Japan
Telephone: 81-45-227-1250
Facsimile: 81-45-227-1249
Business Activities:
Operation and maintenance management services for environmental equipment such as waste incineration facilities, human-waste-treatment facilities, sewage-treatment facilities, etc.

Jyuukan Urban Facilities Service Co., Ltd.

Address: 4-1, Wadamiya-dori 5-chome, Hyogo-ku, Kobe, 652-0863, Japan
Telephone: 81-78-686-1060
Facsimile: 81-78-686-1061
Business Activities:
Operation and management services for various types of machinery, electrical equipment, air conditioners, generators, boiler, water supply and drainage, transport, disaster prevention, etc.

MHI Airport Environment Co., Ltd.

Address: 1, Senshu Kuko-minami, Sennan, Osaka, 549-0021, Japan
Telephone: 81-72-456-6185
Facsimile: 81-72-456-6186
Business Activities:
Collection, transportation, sorting, shredding, incineration treatment, and recycled resource delivery for municipal solid waste generated in Kansai International Airport.

MHI Executive Experts Co. Ltd.

Address: 4-36, Hon-machi, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, 231-0005, Japan
Telephone: 81-45-222-7628
Facsimile: 81-45-222-7629
Business Activities:
General Worker Dispatch Undertakings such as engineering service, etc.

MHI Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.

Address: 20-24, Kan-on-shin-machi 1-chome, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, 733-0036, Japan
Telephone: 81-82-294-5280
Facsimile: 81-82-231-8884
Business Activities:
Provision of services related to R&D, design, and commissioning of products and technologies of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

MHPS Control Systems Co., LTD.

Address: 12, Nishiki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-8715, Japan
Telephone: 81-45-285-0114
Facsimile: 81-45-623-5389
Business Activities:
Design, production, installation service, and after-sales service of control systems for power plants, ships, and environmental equipments, etc.

MHPS Engineering Co., Ltd

Address: 12, Nishiki-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-8715, Japan
Telephone: 81-45-285-0120
Facsimile: 81-45-285-0140

Masuda Eco Creation

Address: 1082-7, Tada-cho, Masuda, Shimane, 698-0031, Japan
Telephone: 81-856-31-4153
Business Activities:
Treatment business for collected waste and carried-in combustible waste, recycle plaza residue, sludge, etc.

Tokyo Environment Operation Ltd.

Address: Aomi 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064, Japan
Telephone: 81-3-3527-5755
Facsimile: 81-3-5531-5020
Business Activities:
Operation, maintenance, and inspection of the Tokyo PCB Waste-Treatment Plant.

Aomori Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 81-17-757-8260
Facsimile: 81-17-757-8261

Central Iwate Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 81-197-17-7277
Facsimile: 81-197-17-7278

Chiba Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

Address: 727-1, Sankaku-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba, 262-0011, Japan
Telephone: 81-43-286-3932
Facsimile: 81-43-286-3933
Business Activities:
Overall activities for the operation management, maintenance management, environmental control, and information control for the facilities and equipment of the North Waste Disposal Plant of Chiba City.

Nagasaki Nishi Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 81-95-825-6381

Sanjo Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 81-256-34-4555

Yamagata Eco-Creation Co., Ltd.

North America

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. (MHIA)

Address: 20 East Greenway Plaza, Suite 830 Houston, TX 77046, U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-346-308-8800
Facsimile: 1-346-308-8787
Business Activities:
Market research, PR, material procurement, assembly, sales, installation, and after-sales service for the products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

MHIA Environmental & Chemical Plant Division

Address: 20 Greenway Plaza, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77046
Telephone: 1-713-351-6400
Facsimile: 1-713-351-6450

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

Address: 400 Colonial Center Pkwy, Lake Mary, FL 32746, U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-407-688-6100
Facsimile: 1-407-688-6480
Business Activities:
Sales of whole prime mover products.

Energy Services Inc.

Address: 270 Farmington Avenue, Suite 160 Farmington, CT 06032
Telephone: 860-674-5557
Business Activities:
Energy Service, Inc (ESI) is a comprehensive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) company. Since our inception in 1974, ESI has been keenly aware of the importance of supporting our customers throughout the entire life cycle of a project. ESI's nucleus of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals is committed to providing a full spectrum of services that provide value to our customers from project inception, through definition, design, construction, commissioning and training, on through to operation and maintenance.

South America

CBC Industrias Pesadas S.A.

Address: Rodovia Dom Gabriel Paulino Bueno Couto,Km.68-Medeiros CEP 13212-240 Jundiai SP Brazil
Telephone: 55-11-4431-3900
Business Activities:
Desidn and manufacturing of boiler, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, and environmental protection equipment.


Turboden S.p.a.

Address: Turboden s.r.l. - C.F./P.I. 02582620981, Via Cernaia, 10 - 25124 - Brescia - Italy
Telephone: 39-030-3552-001
Business Activities:
Turboden is specialized in the applications of Organic Rankine Cycle technology, a technology which allows to produce electric power efficiently and in a user friendly way, from low temperature and/or low power heat sources.

PW Power Systems-CIS (PWPS)

Address: Russia, 123056, Moscow, Gasheka ul. d.7, str 1
Telephone: 7495-7558385


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (MHI-AP)

Address: 150 Beach Road, #29-00 GATEWAY WEST, Singapore 189720, Republic of Singapore
Telephone: 65-6305-5200
Facsimile: 65-6396-5871
Business Activities:
New project development, marketing, engineering, procurement, construction, parts sales, and after-sales service work for the products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, e.g. CO2 recovery systems, gas/oil production facilities, chemical plants, power plants, whole prime mover products, material handling and water treatment systems and equipment.

MHI Engineering and Industrial Projects India Private Limited (MEIP)

Address: Unit# 907, Unitech Signature Towers Tower-B, 9th Floor, South City-1 GURGAON, Haryana 122001, India
Telephone: 91-124-498-9000
Facsimile: 91-124-498-9001


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, (Hong Kong) Ltd. (MHIH)

Address: Unit 2201, 22/F, Mira Place Tower A, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Telephone: 852-2525-5262
Facsimile: 852-2868-1469
Business Activities:
Sales and procurement support activities for the products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and group companies.

MHPS (Hangzhou) Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

Address: No.367 XingZhong Rd, Yuhang Economix Development Zone, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P.R.China
Telephone: 86-571-8927-2255
Business Activities:
Manufacturing of environmental equipment

Zhejiang Feida MHPS High Efficiency Flue Gas Cleaning Systems Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 2102, Hanjia International Building, 8 Dangui Street, Qianjiang New City, Jianggan District , Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310020 China
Telephone: 86-571-8999-6399
Business Activities:
Design, sales and service of flue gas cleaning systems

MHI Shenyang Pump Engineering Co., Ltd. (MSPE)

Address: 408 Room Feng Da Building, Yin Zun No. 19-1, Huahai Road, Economic & Technical Development Area, Shenyang, China
Telephone: 86-24-2580-0788
Facsimile: 86-24-2580-1789
Business Activities:
Order-receiving tasks for pumps used for thermal power plants, and flue-gas desulfurization plants.

MHIEC Environment (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (MHIECC)

Address: Room No. 1516, Pacific Century Tower A, No. 2A Workers Stadium, North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100027, China
Telephone: 86-10-6539-3296
Facsimile: 86-010-6539-3297
Business Activities:
MHIECC is responsible for sales of environmental eqiupment products in China and assistance in procuremnet of equipment for the Japanese market.

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