Material Handling


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Address: 2-3, Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8332, Japan
Telephone: 81-3-6275-6200
Business Activities:
Engineering, manufacture and sale of ships, environmental improvement equipment, industrial machinery, aircraft, space systems, air-conditioner, etc.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Technology Corporation
Address: 6-22,Kan-on-shin-machi, 4-Chome,Nishi-ku,Hiroshima,733-8553,Japan
Telephone: 81-82-294-2339
Facsimile: 81-82-294-0375
Business Activities:
Development,technical service,manufacturing contract,equipment maintenance of general industrial machinery
Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd.
Address: 1-1, Higashi-kotari 2-chome, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, 617-8585, Japan
Telephone: 81-75-951-7171
Facsimile: 81-75-955-3797
Business Activities:
Development, design, manufacture and sales of electric and engine-powered forklifts, transportation robots, automated warehouses, LAN and other logistics equipment and systems, electric vehicles, and monorails.
Logisnext Hokkaido Co.,Ltd.
Address: 6-3-1 Ryutsu Center, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 003-0030
Telephone: 81-11-892-4149
Facsimile: 81-11-892-3410
Logisnext Tohoku Co.,Ltd.
Address: 2-2-17 Nakano Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi 983-0013
Telephone: 81-22-259-6339
Facsimile: 81-22-259-6358
Logisnext Tokyo Co.,Ltd.
Address: 6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006
Telephone: 81-3-3767-3381
Facsimile: 81-3-3767-3385
Logisnext kanshinetsu Co.,Ltd.
Address: 3-1-37 Higashihayadori Konan-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata 950-0148
Telephone: 81-25-383-6220
Facsimile: 81-25-383-6181
Logisnext Chubu Co.,Ltd.
Address: 1-52 Shinyoshi-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 454-0822
Telephone: 81-52-369-0558
Facsimile: 81-52-369-0600
Logisnext Kinki Co.,Ltd.
Address: 35-2 Dainichihigashi-machi, Moriguchi-shi, Osaka 570-0016
Telephone: 81-6-6903-0095
Facsimile: 81-6-6903-4551
Logisnext Chugoku Co.,Ltd.
Address: 5-45 Eba Oki-machi Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0837
Telephone: 81-82-503-2342
Facsimile: 81-82-234-7034
Logisnext Shikoku Co.,Ltd.
Address: #603 Sankotakamatsubiru 11-1 Nakajin-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 760-0056
Telephone: 81-87-837-5191
Facsimile: 81-87-837-5192
Logisnext Kyushu Co.,Ltd.
Address: 1-38-24 Kanenokuma, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0863
Telephone: 81-92-503-3310
Facsimile: 81-92-503-3392
MHI Sagami High-tech Ltd.
Address: 3000, Tana, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 252-5293, Japan
Telephone: 81-42-762-3906
Facsimile: 81-42-761-2198
Business Activities:
Design, experimentation, and after-sales service for construction machinery, material-handling equipment such as forklifts, etc., engines and related components, turbochargers, and special-purpose vehicles.
Global Component Technologies Corporation
Address: 1-15-9, Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0032
Telephone: 81-3-6636-9000

North America

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Address: 20 Greenway Plaza, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77046 U.S.A
Telephone: 1-346-308-8800
Facsimile: 1-346-308-8787
Business Activities:
Market research,and PR.
Equipment Depot, Inc.
Address: 8314E. .Slauson Ave. Pico Rivera, California 90660, U.S.A
Telephone: 1-562-949-1000
Facsimile: 1-562-949-5984
Business Activities:
Sales of forklifts and the takeover, service, resale, and leasing of second-hand forklifts.
Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Inc. (MLA)
Address: 2121 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N. Houston, TX 77043-2305, U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-713-365-1000
Facsimile: 1-713-365-1818
Business Activities:
Manufacturing, sales, and servicing of forklifts (engine type and electrical type).
Mitsubishi Logisnext Americas Inc.
Address: 2121 W.Sam Houston Pkwy. N.Houston, TX 77043-2305, U.S.A.
Telephone: 1-713-365-1000
Facsimile: 65-6897-7562

South America

MHI do Brasil Ltda. (MHIB)
Address: Rua Pamplona,145, conjunto 1204, bairro Bela Vista, São Paulo-SP, Brasil, CEP:01405-900
Business Activities:
Sales and procurement-support activities for the products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and group companies.


Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe B.V. (MLE)
Address: Hefbrugweg 77, 1332 AM, Almere The Netherlands <Mailing Address> P.O. Box 30171, 1303 AC, Almere The Netherlands
Telephone: 31-36-549-4400
Facsimile: 31-36-549-4691
Business Activities:
Forklifts, AGVs and warehouse equipment. Sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing, material handling solutions, servicing, financing.
Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe S.A.
Address: Calle Soto Grande,s/n 31110 Noáin (Navarra),Spain
Business Activities:
Manufacturing Internal combustion and electric forklifts.
Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe AB
Address: Metallvagen 9 435 82 Mölnlycke
Telephone: 46-31-98-40-00
Mitsubishi Logisnext Europe Oy
Address: Jampankatu 2, 04440 Järvenpää, Finland
Telephone: 358-20-77811
Business Activities:
R&D, design, manufacturing of electric counterbalance forklifts, AGVs and warehouse equipment. Sales AGVs and Logisnext Solutions.
Logisnext Finland Oy
Logisnext Sweden AB
Logisnext Norway A/S
Logisnext Belgium BVBA
Logisnext UK Limited
Logisnext Germany GmbH
Logisnext Denmark A/S
Logisnext Netherlands B.V.
Logisnext France SAS
Red Diamond Distribution Ltd.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (MHI-AP)
Address: 150 Beach Road, #29-00 GATEWAY WEST, Singapore 189720, Republic of Singapore
Telephone: 65-6305-5200
Facsimile: 65-6396-5871
Business Activities:
New project development, marketing, engineering, procurement, construction, parts sales, and after-sales service work for the products of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, e.g. CO2 recovery systems, gas/oil production facilities, chemical plants, power plants, whole prime mover products, material handling and water treatment systems and equipment.
Logisnext India Pvt. Ltd.
Address: Ground Floor.LAS.Towers No.61 Velachery Road, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai-600 015 INDIA
Telephone: 91-44-22354214
Facsimile: 91-44-22354215
Logisnext Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address: 7/353Moo 6, Amata City Industrial Estate, Temboi Map Yang Phon,Amphur Pluak Daeng
Telephone: 66-3865-0961
Facsimile: 66-3865-0968
Mitsubishi Logisnext Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd.
Address: No.1, Tuas West Street, Singapore 637444 Republic of Singapore
Telephone: 65-6571-6237
Facsimile: 65-6897-7562
Business Activities:
Manufacturing, sales, and servicing of forklifts (engine type and electrical type).
Nichiyu Asia(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Address: 7/353Moo 6, Amata City Industrial Estate, Temboi Map Yang Phon,Amphur Pluak Daeng
Telephone: 66-3865-0961
Facsimile: 66-3865-0968


Mitsubishi Logisnext Forklift (Dalian) Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.99 Tianshou Jie, Dalian Development Area 116630,China
Telephone: 86-411-3921-3030
Facsimile: 86-411-3922-2000
Business Activities:
Manufacturing and sales of forklifts.
Nichiyu Forklift (Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
Address: 17F, Tower A, No.69 Dongfang Road,Pudong New District, Shanghai 200120, China
Telephone: 86-21-5058-8600
Facsimile: 86-21-5058-8606
Logisnext Forklift (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 1702, Tower B, Baoland Plaza, No.588 Dalian Rd, Yangpu, Shanghai, 200082, China
Telephone: 86-21-6567-6616
Facsimile: 86-21-6567-6618
Logisnext Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Address: No.5 19/Floor. Remington Center, No.23 Hung To Road Kwun Tong Kowloon Hong Kong
Telephone: 852-2719-9202
Facsimile: 852-2719-9212
Mitsubishi Logisnext Forklift Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
Address: No.150,Xun Ye Road,Sheshan Branch,Songjiang Industrial Zone,Shanghai, 201602 P.R.China
Telephone: 86-21-5779-2111
Facsimile: 86-21-5779-2200
Nichiyu Forklift(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: 11F., Hua Du Bldg, No.838 Zhang Yang Rd., Pudong Shanghai, 200122 P.R.China
Telephone: 86-21-5058-8600
Facsimile: 86-21-5058-8606