Performance Data (FY2021)

Respect for Human Rights

Management Structure Related to Human Rights

Chief Executive Hitoshi Kaguchi (Executive Vice President, CSO, Chairman of Sustainability Committee)
Committee Name Sustainability Committee
Members CSO (Committee Chairman/Director), GC (General Counsel), CFO(Director), CTO, Executive Vice President in Charge of HR, Head of Business Strategy Office
(domain/segment heads invited to attend when discussion topic merits)
Number of meetings 2 per year (as undertaken in fiscal 2021)
Human rights due diligence How to implement human rights due diligence was discussed by the Human Rights Due Diligence Task Force established within the Sustainability Committee in fiscal 2021. To carry out risk assessment, human rights risks were investigated in all countries and regions where MHI Group undertakes business, and potential human rights issues were identified. Through this process, the need was recognized to designate  “high-risk regions” and create a mechanism for investigating actual circumstances in those regions.
Starting in fiscal 2022, the Company is now carrying out human rights due diligence in all related segments in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
An example of the measures being taken is a planned questionnaire and survey in “high-risk regions” to assess the impact of human rights issues.

Grievance Mechanism

Grievance mechanism

MHI Group has established internal and external reporting channels to whom all Group employees (including part-time), business partners, etc. can report issues pertaining to compliance including human rights issues. These reporting channels, including those established overseas, can accommodate a total of six languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese. Reports can also be submitted anonymously online, by telephone or by regular post. In response to submitted reports, the Compliance Committee Secretariat investigates matters swiftly and takes appropriate responses. At all times, measures are taken to protect whistleblowers while maintaining their anonymity. In the case of outside stakeholders, their grievances are handled through the Company’s website or other contact points.

To deal with harassment issues, “Harassment Consultation Helplines” have been established internally and externally to respond to all employees. Measures are taken to strictly ensure the privacy and confidentiality of whistleblowers, to prevent them from suffering any retaliation and disadvantage as a result of their consultation. Anonymous consultations are also accepted. In addition, harassment consultants are appointed at all Company bases. Once every year, courses are given to enhance the consultants’ skills to enable them to respond appropriately to all types of consultation.