Human Rights

MHI Group is committed to respecting human rights and workers' rights of employees in accordance with international treaties and other guidelines relating to human rights. In May 2015 we established the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct as the common standard for MHI Group. Through establishment of this standard, which was compiled making reference to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we aim to cultivate a shared corporate culture, one that is rooted in mutual trust and affords dignity and respect to all employees. MHI Group values the individual contributions of all people irrespective of race, color, religion, political convictions, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.
In addition, we have formulated the “MHI Group Human Rights Policy” in 2013 to ensure respect for the human rights of all stakeholders involved in our business activities and to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. In today’s globalized society, we recognize the importance to protect human rights not only within our own company, but throughout the entire value chains of our businesses. In 2021, we revised the Policy and established a system to address a variety of human rights issues. Under this policy, which is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we are building the mechanisms to enhance human rights due diligence, identifying potential adverse impacts on our Group stakeholders, and setting down measures to prevent and mitigate any such impacts.
Discrimination will not be tolerated by MHI Group, and to prevent any discriminatory incidents from occurring, each year we conduct training to promote human rights awareness at the workplace. The training covers the fundamentals of human rights and harassment and is targeted at new employees and new appointees at the managerial level, including deputy managers and section managers. In fiscal 2021, approximately 250 new employees and some 1,100 newly appointed managers and supervisors underwent this training. Furthermore, in an effort to heighten awareness of and prevent power harassment (workplace bullying and harassment), we introduced an online learning course in fiscal 2010 that continues to this day. In addition, harassment counselors appointed at each Company location attend lectures once a year to increase their skills for handling harassment situations appropriately when employees seek assistance relating to harassment issues.
To work toward resolving human rights issues, a multi-faceted subject, all Mitsubishi Group companies take part in subcommittee activities of the Mitsubishi Human Rights Enlightenment Council. Launched in 1983, the Council enables exchanges between Mitsubishi Group companies to learn about the current examples of human rights issues, in order to continuously strengthen and improve our human rights efforts. In fiscal 2020 we took part in the Global Compact Network Japan's Human Rights Due Diligence Subcommittee conference together with other companies to discuss human rights issues in the business context and to promote human rights due diligence in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Among the topics covered were commitment to company policies on protecting human rights, assessing the possibility of human rights violations in the company and its supply chain and the potential impact thereof, establishing measures for preventing, mitigating and resolving human rights violations, and disclosing progress of human rights-related initiatives. Specifically, the conference involved lectures by experts in human rights issues, assessments of progress of related company initiatives, workshops, and group work on topics of interest.

MHI Group Human Rights Policy

Human Rights Policy Dissemination and Education

Measures are underway to ensure that all MHI Group employees and business partners are fully aware of the MHI Group Human Rights Policy as revised in December 2021. In fiscal 2022 Group employees are scheduled to undergo online education and, as every year, new employees and newly appointed managers and supervisors will participate in human rights awareness training providing basic knowledge and points of special concern relating to human rights and harassment issues.

Human Rights Education and Training

  • 2021

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