Human Resources Development

As part of its basic policy concerning human resources, MHI is working to provide a variety of training programs and place a greater emphasis on promoting self-driven career-building among its employees. MHI is taking steps to improve its training programs with the aim of improving employee capabilities. Through these actions, we aim to become a global corporation that is capable of responding to changes in the rapidly transforming market.
Based on on-the-job training (OJT) in workplaces, we are implementing various educational programs starting immediately after hiring according to job level and function. The main themes of the education according to job level include leadership and management.
As core measures for human resources development, we are concentrating on education to strengthen global responsiveness, development of the overseas MHI Group employees and of junior technicians on the forefront of manufacturing, and training for the Group company employees.

  • Training hours per employee

  • Training costs per employee


Performance Data (2020)