Supply Chain Management

MHI procures a variety of materials and services both domestically and globally, including raw materials, machinery, equipment, and components. MHI is open to all motivated and competitive suppliers. Suppliers are fairly and impartially evaluated and selected in accordance with related laws, regulations, and social norms in order to build relationships of trust based on win-win partnerships.
In December 2018, MHI Group revised the MHI Group Supply Chain CSR Promotion Guidelines established in June 2010, to include more specific details on consideration of human rights and occupational safety and consideration of the environment. By sharing the Group's approach to CSR procurement with business partners and the partners that build the supply chains of partners, we are promoting CSR activities across the entire supply chain. As MHI Group's basic policy on the supply chain with the aim of realizing sustainable societies, the guidelines seek the understanding and cooperation of business partners. In addition to improving product safety, quality, price, and timely delivery and enhancing technological development capabilities, the guidelines describe compliance, corporate ethics, consideration for human rights, occupational safety, and the environment, and regional and social contributions. Moreover, at platforms such as "business partner meetings" and "business policy briefings," we explain the Group's CSR promotion guidelines. In these ways, we are carrying out training on the conduct expected of business partners from a social aspect.

Number of business partners provided with CSR education

  • 2020
    Total number of participants 701companies (Note)
  • In fiscal 2020, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, education through "business partner meetings" and "business policy briefings" was suspended. We disseminate the Company's CSR promotion guidelines through questionnaires.

Performance Data