MHI Group attaches importance to complying with applicable laws and social norms, and promoting fair and honest business practices. The Compliance Committee, established in May 2001, meets biannually to draw up Groupwide compliance promotion plans, confirm progress of previously made plans, and engage in other activities.
Since 2003, to increase awareness of compliance among individual employees, we have conducted discussion-based compliance training every year at the workplace level, themed on compliance cases that could arise on-site. MHI Group has also an effort to swiftly respond to various compliance-related risks, including compliance violations or actions that run the risk of becoming compliance violations.
In May 2015, we issued the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct. As a global group, MHI Group employs thousands of individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures. This diversity of talent and perspectives is one of our greatest assets.
With recognizing the diverse backgrounds of our employees, it is important to work together and to promote our business under a common corporate culture.
This Code of Conduct sets out the basic principles and policies that all MHI employees should follow. We disseminate this Code of Conduct among the MHI Group employees around the world through e-learning education and by distributing booklets.
In September 2017, we formulated “Compliance Promotion Global Policy”, clarifying basic matters and rules related to compliance promotion, such as the organizational framework, roles, and administration standards that each Group company should follow. Along with the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct, by clarifying our common code of conduct and basic rules that must be complied with throughout the Group, we are working to strengthen internal controls and enhance the level of compliance throughout the entire Group.
The MHI Board of Directors oversees important compliance-related cases of the Group, including status of compliance with the MHI Group Global Code of Conduct, by confirming the status on compliance promotion, compliance risks management, and the occurrence of compliance-related incidents by being reported of the operation on internal control systems as well as the execution of roles and duties of the General Counsel.
In addition, and in order to keep raising awareness of compliance, we are conducting e-learning and training programs for MHI and Group employees in Japan and overseas on anti-trust laws, anti-bribery, and export-related laws and regulations. Furthermore, we have created a compliance guidebook for employees engaging in technical and skilled jobs at MHI and Group companies in Japan, and we are promoting face-to-face training at each worksite.
With an even greater focus on ensuring compliance in regions outside of Japan, MHI Group appointed Regional Audit & Compliance Officers (RAO) in each of the four regions of the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, India, and China, setting up whistleblowing hotlines in each area to promote the Compliance activities for the MHI Group in the relevant region, as well as carry out internal audit functions. Through compliance liaison conferences and compliance monitoring, which are organized mainly by the RAO, in each country and region, we are making efforts to reinforce compliance promotion at Group companies outside of Japan.

Compliance Promotion System (as of April 1, 2021)

Compliance Promotion System
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Firm response to unjust demands made by any organization, group or individual engaged in unlawful activities

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