Corporate Governance

As a company responsible for developing the infrastructure that forms the foundation of society, MHI Group’s basic policy is to manage the Company in consideration of all stakeholders and to make efforts to enhance corporate governance on an ongoing basis in pursuit of sustained growth of MHI Group and improvement of its corporate value in the medium and long term. In accordance with such basic policy, MHI endeavors to improve its management system by, among other ways, working to enhance its management supervising function, separating management supervising and execution, and inviting outside directors on the Board, and develop a “Japanese-style global management” focusing on the improvement of the soundness and transparency of its management as well as on diversity and harmony.
As part of a corporate governance reform, in 2015 MHI transitioned to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee, with outside directors numbering five, including three who are Audit and Supervisory Committee members. In 2016, we established the Nomination and Remuneration Advisory Council and reduced the number of directors from 14 to 11. In 2020, MHI’s Board of Directors has consisted of 12 directors (of whom five are serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Members), and six directors (of whom three are serving as Audit and Supervisory Committee Members) are the independence outside directors. Through this reform, we aim to accelerate decision-making and strengthen the supervisory function.
For more information on the Company's independence criteria, see Appendix 2 of the Corporate Governance Guidelines, Independence Criteria for Outside Directors.

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