Vibration Control Systems

Reduce vibration of structure by inertia of spindle

Control any type of shaking caused by forces such as strong wind, earthquakes, and vibrations triggered by walking.

We offer the best proposition according to the application, installation conditions, and customer needs. The equipment can be classified into two categories: “passive type” and “hybrid type.” The hybrid type has powered components for motorized control.

Vibration control system for high-rise buildings

The shaking of a building caused by strong winds or aftershock is reduced to improve livability.

High-rise buildings today are built with soft structures to “yield the strength” of earthquakes. Although, these safe “vibrations” may lead residents to feel unsafe or unpleasant. Our vibration control systems reduces these vibrations to secure safe and comfortable spaces.

Pingan International Finance Center. (China)
Multistage pendulum TAD (active type)
Rail type Vibration control system

Vibration control systems for Observatories and Airport traffic control towers

Higashiyama Sky Tower, Nagoya
Kansai International Airport

We propose high-performance equipment that can be installed in limited space.

Our vibration control system is available for observatory buildings which becomes a landmark for its area, and for airport traffic control towers checking all the airplane landing and departures.

Vertical vibration control system for floors

Vertical vibration control system for floors

Vertical vibrations on the floor caused by walking or an earthquake are reduced.

Our device, confirmed by affluent delivery records and superior technologies, can be applied to wide range of situations as a countermeasure for walking and traffic vibrations and also for earthquakes.
MHI Machinery Systems provides vertical vibration control system which responds to various vertical vibration in new buildings as well as existing buildings with experienced analytic and research technologies.

Vibration control systems for industrial chimneys and wireless communication towers

TMD for JERA Co., Inc. Hekinan Thermal Power Station stacks
Wireless communication tower (Radio wave reception and transmittal towers)

The shaking of a steel structure due to winds is controlled to improve fatigue strength.

A vibration control device is introduced into a stack or a steel telecommunications tower to reduce wind response, dampen seismic force, and prevent electromagnetic interference. Structural members can be protected from fatigue damage caused by wind response.


We offer the best propositions using a wide assortment of products according to the different vibration-reduction purposes for different structures.


Target structure Main purpose Applicable equipment
Steel stacks
Various types of steel towers
Reduction of wind vibration (Karman vortex)
  • Fatigue prevention
  • Maintenance of function (radio communication tower or other functions)
Passive type mass damper
  • Inverted pendulum type TMD
  • Laminated rubber type TMD
  • TMD: Tuned Mass Damper
Small-scale steel tower Ground motion reduction Passive type mass damper
  • Inverted pendulum type TMD
High-rise building
Control tower
Observation tower
Reduction of wind vibration
  • Improved livability
Ground motion reduction
  • Enhanced earthquake resistance
  • Improved livability
Passive type mass damper
  • Pendulum type TMD
  • Laminated rubber type TMD
Hybrid type mass damper
  • Pendulum type AMD
  • Rail type AMD
  • AMD: Acitive Mass Damper
Data center
Ordinary building
Steel bridge, etc.
Ground motion reduction
  • Maintenance of function (server room, etc.)
Reduction of vibration caused by walking
  • Improved livability
  • Fatigue prevention
Passive type mass damper
  • Upper/lower TMD
Multi-tier automatic warehouse Ground motion reduction
  • Prevention of load collapse
Passive type mass damper
  • MD for multi-tier automatic warehouse
  • MD: Mass Damper
  • For details on technical information, please contact our specialists (please send a separate for every question you have).

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