The 25th Session of the CSR Committee

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group accords CSR (corporate social responsibility) a core position within its management structure and has a standing CSR Committee specifically tasked with always focusing on social perspectives, responding to the expectations of society, and aiming to make MHI Group a solidly trusted company. The CSR Committee is chaired by the officer in charge of CSR (CSO) and comprises the General Counsel (GC), CTO, CFO, the officer in charge of human resources (HR), and the head of the Business Strategy Office. It proactively performs and oversees a full range of CSR activities.

A summary of the CSR Committee's 25th Session, which was conducted in the form of written deliberation, follows.

The 25th Session


Date of deliberation September 14th, 2020
CSR Committee Members Chair: H. Kaguchi (CSO)
Members: M. Mishima (GC), E. Ito (CTO), H. Kozawa (CFO), J. Kakihara (officer in charge of HR), M. Suematsu (head of Business Strategy Office)
Secretariat: Corporate Communication Department


Identification of Materiality of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group


Following the decision to identify MHI Group's materiality reached at the 24th session of the CSR Committee, the matter was taken under consideration by the Committee members and, after exchanging views with outside experts, the Group's materiality was newly identified as indicated below. Concerning KPIs for each identified material, a decision was reached to deliberate and decide those matters at the next CSR Committee session. Also, due to the special importance of this issue among the various proceedings of the CSR Committee, the Committee decided to report the results of these proceedings to both the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Materiality (material issues) of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group

  • Provide energy solutions to enable a carbon neutral world
  • Transform society through AI and digitalization
  • Build a safer and more secure world
  • Promote diversity and increase employee engagement
  • Enhance Corporate Governance