The 18th Session of the CSR Committee

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Groups, companies that position CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at the core of its management structure, recently convened its 18th Session of the CSR Committee to further its efforts to emphasize social perspectives, meet the expectations of society, and aim to be a trusted company.
 The Officer in charge of CSR (Head of Business Strategy Office) presides over the following members as the Committee Chair: CAO/CRO, CFO, CTO, officer in charge of Human Resources, Labor Relations, and Global Personnel, and officer in charge of Global Business Planning & Operations.

A summary of the 18th Session of CSR Committee follows.
    1. Date and time: 16:00 - 17:00, October 20 (Tuesday), 2015
    2. Place: Meeting room, 26th floor, Shinagawa Building, Head Office
    3. Attendees:
    Chair: M. Koguchi, Executive Vice President
    Members: T. Funato, CAO/CRO
    M. Nayama, CTO
    M. Hiroe, Executive Vice President
    Y. Makimura, Senior Vice President
    Secretariat: Corporate Communication Department.
    4. Agenda  
    CSR in Business Planning 2015
    (1) The Corporate Image We Aspire To
    (2) Global CSR Policy
    (3) Material Issues and Indicators
    5. Proceedings
    • The committee agreed that, in parallel with the changes and refinements in its corporate structure and processes underway, MHI should develop a global CSR regime that integrates with business activities.
    • The committee agreed that MHI should put priority on key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to Material Issues 1 and 2 below.
      [ Material Issue 1 ] An Optimal Governance Structure Based on Our Corporate Culture
       => Number of cases of non-compliance, number of cases of whistle-blowing, results of compliance awareness surveys, etc.
      [ Material Issue 2 ] The Use of Global Human Resources
       =>Number of female managers, etc.
    • On the other hand, KPIs and their timeline involving [ Material Issue 3 ] Response to Mega Trends will be determined separately by studying more appropriate indicators.
    • The committee agreed that the progress of KPIs would be released to the public appropriately.

      The 18th Session of the CSR Committee
      The 18th Session of the CSR Committee