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MHI to Exhibit at the Japan Pavilion at COP26 in Glasgow, UK


・ Presentations of hydrogen gas turbine technologies for decarbonization of thermal power generation, along with measures to establish a CO2 ecosystem and CO2 capture technologies.
・ Event held alongside COP26 will showcase Japan’s cutting-edge environmental technologies to the world.

Image of Japan Pavilion(Courtesy of the Ministry of the Environment)
Image of Japan Pavilion(Courtesy of the Ministry of the Environment)

Tokyo, October 26, 2021 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) will have an exhibit at the Japan Pavilion, an official event booth during the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)(Note1) taking place in Glasgow, United Kingdom. This event, held from Sunday, October 31 to Friday, November 12, will present Japan’s cutting-edge environmental technologies to the world. MHI will display models of its hydrogen gas turbine technologies for decarbonization of thermal power generation, and introduce its measures to establish a CO2 ecosystem, along with CO2 capture technologies.

Hydrogen gas turbines are a cutting-edge, clean power generation technology that promotes the decarbonization of energy to achieve a hydrogen society, and contributes to the conservation of the global environment. Mitsubishi Power, a power solutions brand of MHI is drawing on its technologies for large frame gas turbines, which have demonstrated world-class efficiency and reliability, to develop hydrogen combustion technologies. Utilizing its extensive track record and experience, acquired over half a century of generating power using hydrogen-rich fuel, Mitsubishi Power has leveraged its existing combustion technology for low nitrogen oxide (NOx) and high-efficiency large frame gas turbines to achieve 30% hydrogen co-firing. Mitsubishi Power is also assiduously developing next-generation combustion system, working to overcome such issues as the higher combustion speed of hydrogen to achieve 100% hydrogen combustion. Further, to realize a decarbonized society on a global scale, Mitsubishi Power participates in initiatives around the world, including Europe, the U.S., Australia, for CO2-free thermal power generation using hydrogen gas turbines.

In recent years, carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS)(Note2) has also come to be considered essential to achieve a carbon neutral society. The KM CDR Process™ jointly developed by MHI Group and Kansai Electric Power (KEPCO) have a proven track record of 13 units worldwide. The new KS-21™ amine-based solvent used in the Advanced KM CDR Process™(Note3) has been shown in recent demonstrating tests to have even greater recovery performance. MHI Group is the market leader for CO2 capture from gas emissions. In addition, MHI Group is proactively working to establish a CCUS value chain (CO2NNECT(Note4)) comprising CO2 capture from a variety of emissions sources (CO2NTAIN(Note4)), CO2 transport ships and compressors, and the CO2NNEX(Note5) platform, as well as build a CO2 ecosystem utilizing CO2 conversion (CO2NVERT(Note4)).

MHI Group is consolidating its accumulated technologies and resources to support energy transition (the shift to low environmental load energy). Going forward, MHI will develop businesses around both a short-term perspective of decarbonization of existing infrastructure to provide for effective utilization of resources, as well as a longer-term perspective that aims to build ecosystems for hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and continue to support the realization of a future carbon neutral society.

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