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Safety and quality management

Impact evaluation related to safety and quality MHI has created a quality management system (QMS) to provide products that are safe and of assured high quality. The markets for the MHI Group’s products are diverse, so we have a QMS in place for individual businesses and products to meet customer and market needs based on ISO 9001 and other offcial standards. Over 90% of locations have also acquired individual third-party certification. In April 2013, MHI established a QMS Promotion Group in the Monozukuri Innovation Planning Department (now the Value Chain Innovation Department). The QMS Promotion Group has been working to strengthen quality management, including at Group companies, and improve work processes to meet the needs of globalization by sharing technologies and knowledge horizontally across the Group.
Education and awareness related to safety and quality It goes without saying that, as a global and highly diversified manufacturer, MHI Group's top priority is to ensure the safety and quality of its products. To promote product safety, we work to educate employees about safety and quality to prevent product accidents. One example of this is the establishment of the Accident Exhibit and Materials Room based on past accidents. The Accident Exhibit and Materials Room, opened in April 2010 at an MHI training center in Nagoya, introduces examples of serious accidents that have happened involving MHI Group products, such as a large cruise ship that caught fire while under construction. Its mission is to have all employees who handle MHI Group products, whether it be through design, procurement, manufacturing, or after-sale services, to pledge not to allow accidents like these to happen again, to learn from these accidents, and to put the lessons learned from these accidents to use in their respective jobs. The facility was given an extensive overhaul in April 2012, including the addition of new video presentations and artifacts designed to convey a greater sense of realism with regards to the nature of the accidents and the events experienced at the accident site. Approximately 35,000 visitors have passed through the facility since its opening. Meanwhile, since 2010 MHI has also held safety and quality training sessions describing past safety incidents, attended by employeess, thereby increasing the total number of employees who have received this training to around 15,000.
Going forward, MHI will continue to expand its product safety education program to give employees more opportunities to become aware of the importance of safety and quality.