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MHI's Compliance Committee was established in May 2001 to strictly observe applicable laws and social norms and to promote fair and honest business practices. The committee meets twice annually to draw up company-wide compliance promotion plans, confirm progress, and engage in other activities. In particular, to increase awareness of compliance among individual employees, each year since 2003 we have conducted face-to-face, discussion-based compliance training themed on compliance cases that could arise on-site. MHI advanced "Compliance Principle" set out in 2001 to "MHI Group Global Code of Conduct" in May 2015. As a global company, MHI employs thousands of individuals from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures. This diversity of talent and perspectives is one of our greatest assets. At the same time, however, MHI as a company must operate with a single corporate culture that enables it to compete successfully in the global market while maintaining our reputation as a company of high integrity and ethics. The Code of Conduct describes how MHI employees should conduct themselves.We disseminate this Code of Conduct to MHI Group employees around the world through e-learning and other education, as well as by distributing booklets.
In September 2017, we formulated a global policy on compliance promotion, which we communicated within the MHI Group. This policy, which is shared globally throughout the MHI Group, serves as the minimum level of regulations and rules. This global policy sets forth fundamental rules that must be complied with in regard to compliance promotion by MHI Group companies, regardless of country or region. We are aiming for further compliance promotion throughout the Group, by defining the fundamental code of conduct and rules common to the Group, along with the abovementioned Global Code of Conduct.

Compliance Promotion System (as of January 1, 2018)

Compliance Promotion System (as of January 1, 2018)
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