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Promoting forest conservation and non-native species removal activities

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In recent years, MHI Group has been an active supporter of corporate forestry programs together with local governments and other organizations. We are involved in ongoing local government forest care programs. Centering on employees and their families, tree planting and thinning efforts are underway to protect the forests that provide habitats for many different creatures.
Working with NPOs and other organizations, MHI also actively participates in programs to remove non-native species that are impacting Japan's ecosystem.
At the Sagamihara Machinery Works, MHI Group has worked with Kanagawa prefecture as partners in forest rebuilding through the Kanagawa Suigen no Morizukuri Jigyou (Kanagawa Water Forest Creation Project) every year since 2009, assisting with planning and carrying out forest conservation activities. The purpose of this partnership is to raise awareness for the conservation of the natural environment among employees.

Participating employees and their families
Participating employees and their families