Measures Against Counterfeit Products

Why Should You Care about Counterfeits? Safety. Quality. Performance.

Some products may look like MHI group products, when in fact, they are counterfeits. The MHI group is dedicated to ensuring that our customers can purchase our products with confidence, and is committed to educating customers about the risks associated with purchasing counterfeit products.

What Is MHI Doing About Counterfeits?

Protecting MHI group brands is important to the group's global expansion, and MHI takes resolute measures against counterfeits of its products and infringement of its intellectual property rights. Through communication with the relevant authorities throughout the world, MHI is striving to eliminate such counterfeits and infringements. We are engaged in various activities such as enforcement measures against sales of infringing products, border control measures, and educational activities to raise awareness of the possible infringements and actions taken against them.

What Can You Do About Counterfeits?

  1. As a customer, you can look for the following signs, which may indicate that the product is counterfeit. The product may:
    • Be missing safety or approval stickers
    • Be unusually packaged
    • Be sold at an unusually low price
    • Be sold on a website that is missing contact information
  2. Only purchase MHI group products from authorized dealers.