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Transportation system [ TRANSPORTATION ]

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering (MHIENG) has supplied a wide variety of Transportation Systems during its long history as a Global Engineering Leader.


These Systems have been installed in a broad range of applications, as illustrated below: - Airports, Inter-City Lines, Intra-City Lines, and Short Haul applications.

Airports, Intra-City Transportation

APM, Short-haul Transit system, LRT, Monorail, Maglev System

Inter-City Transportation

Mass Rail Transit, High Speed Rail, Maglev System

Railway Systems

Depot, Railway Modernization

Full Turnkey Project Implementation

Experienced in "full turnkey" solutions, MHIENG provides project management, design, manufacturing, installation, systems integration, and Operations & Maintenance expertise. MHIENG has successfully implemented complex "full turnkey" projects in a wide range of challenging environments throughout the world.

Full Turnkey Solutions