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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering(MHIENG)'s suspended monorail has been in successful passenger service for over 40 years.

Town-Liner / Chiba Urban Monorail

The Chiba Urban Monorail System, the largest monorail system in the world, commenced operation in 1988 as a public transportation link to connect residential areas and public institutions in the city of Chiba, Japan. In 1991, the system was expanded with a second line and grew to become an integral means of transportation of great value to the citizens of Chiba City.

Crystal Flyer

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering(MHIENG) offers the recently restyled "Crystal Flyer" suspended monorail system, incorporating its service-proven components into a sleek, modern vehicle design providing unrivaled safety and performance, as well as a fully unobstructed view for its passengers. The monorail system can be fully integrated into new or existing surroundings, providing enjoyable and seamless transportation.

Shonan Monorail / Enoshima Line

The Shonan Monorail System has been in successful operation for 40 years in Japan connecting the residential districts of a resort area with a convenient railway station in the city. The suspended monorail technology was selected because its enclosed guidebeam allowed for quiet operation through the surrounding residential districts.

SKYRAIL (Small-Size cable-driven Monorail)

Combining the advantages and proven technology of the suspended monorail and a ropeway gondola lift, the SKYRAIL is an innovative transit system that uniquely meets the needs of short distance applications. As the SKYRAIL offers high service performance and cost/space efficiencies, it is ideally suited for relatively short distance applications (2-3 km) in residential or resort areas.