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Automated Guideway Transit [ TRANSPORTATION ]

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Automated Guideway Transit

Singapore Sengkang / Punggol Light Rapid Transit (AGT)

The bright and modern vehicle interior provides safe, comfortable, and easily maintained passenger service.

  • Guideway and Switches
    The Crystal Mover utilizes a simple, standard railway switching mechanism to guide the vehicles through junctions along the guideway.
  • Depot and Maintenance Facilities
    MHIENG provides the equipment and facilities for the storage and maintenance of the APM fleet to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operations.
  • Integrated Administration and Management System
    In the Central Control Facility, specialized staff monitor the safe operation of all subsystems, including Automated Train Control, Power Distribution, and Station Equipment.
  • Station Platform Door
    Automated Platform Doors enhance passenger safety and provide a climate controlled station environment.
  • Hong Kong International Airport APM
    MHIENG provided Hong Kong with its first ever APM system at the new Hong Kong International Airport. The system provides passenger transportation service between remote gates and the Main Terminal Building via dual guideways located in tunnels beneath the terminal.
  • Singapore Changi Airport PMS (APM)
    MHIENG was awarded the contract to replace the existing APM system at Singapore's showcase Changi International Airport with its Crystal Mover vehicles, and expand the transportation network to connect new and existing terminals.
  • Incheon International Airport APM
    The Crystal Mover will be the first APM to be installed in Korea, at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul. It will operate in tunnels connecting the main terminal with new concourses.
  • Miami International Airport APM
    The Crystal Mover APM was selected for Miami International Airport's North Terminal Development Program. Operating on the roof of the terminal, the state-of the-art system will provide passengers with safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation between the terminal's gates.
  • Washington Dulles International Airport APM
    MHIENG was involved in six APM system projects in Japan for over 25 years. These systems are based on the Japanese Standard APM which was developed with the goal of creating a system with the highest levels of safety, reliability, performance, and efficiency. The latest generation APM, "Crystal Mover", is a direct evolution of the Japanese Standard APM.

Japanese Domestic System

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New Transit System Tokadai Line
Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line (YURIKAMOME)
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