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Rocket Engine Combustion Test Facility [ SPACE ]

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Overview :

This is a combustion test facility to simulate environmental conditions for engines on the ground with the aim of developing actual rocket engines and of verifying their performance.
The combustion test is performed in such a way that liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are fed to an engine positioned in the low-pressure chamber and burned, and engine exhaust gas is continuously withdrawn by steam during combustion and then released from the muffler tower into the atmosphere.

Features :

Using this combustion test facility allows rocket engine performance to be more reliably ascertained, so that the facility helps increase the rocket reliability.


Supplies Results

Year Customer Equipment Name Remarks
1973 For the laboratory High-altitude Performance Test Facility  
1982 For the Agency High-altitude Performance Test Facility  
1984 For the Agency Auxiliary System for Solid Motor of High-Altitude Performance Test Facility  
1988 For the Agency LE-7 Combustion Test Facility  
1992 For the laboratory High-altitude Performance Test Facility