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In addition to periodic maintenance services, we offer a range of value-added services to increase customer satisfaction.

Generator turbine dock maintenance items

We can provide a recommended dock maintenance parts list for the generator turbine that covers the docking schedule of each ship for the next 20 years. This list is a good reference for knowing what maintenance work is required when your ship is docked.

Provision of finished MSV and RV spare parts

We recommend inspecting the condition of the main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV), which are critical turbine parts. These parts should be checked regularly, every time you dock your ship, to check for progressive aging deterioration caused by exposure to high pressure, high temperature conditions and the high number of moving parts.Place an order with us for the required parts and we will have them ready for you when you commence your dock maintenance work.

Updating the shaft vibration and position monitor

The VM-3 model has been discontinued and maintenance is no longer available. However, current monitors can be replaced by the new VM-5 model without any modifications to your system.

Landed overhaul of MSV, RV, and power cylinder assembly

Main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV) play an important role in regulating turbine steam. These parts need to be inspected and/or replaced during the service inspection while the ship is docked. We will perform service inspections at our factory for vessels that have been in service for over 15 years as a precautionary measure.

Renewal of turbine observation panel

The turbine observation panel is equipped with alarms to indicate abnormal turbine operation, such as low pressure and high turbine exhaust pressure. We recommend the turbine observation panel be replaced in vessels that have been in service for 10 years or more.

Preparation of spare parts for governor driving gear

It has been verified that governor driving shaft worm gear pitching occurs in the worm wheel gear, causing damage and making it necessary to replace parts frequently. We therefore have prepared a stockpile of spare parts to provide support in the case of gear damage.

Provision of finished MSV and RV spare parts at the depot

Main stop valves (MSV) and regulating valves (RV), which are critical turbine parts, have numerous moving parts and are subject to high pressure and high temperatures. These parts are serviced while the ship is docked, to check for deterioration.
We provide a complete set of MSV and RV spare parts, and can replace any part in the case of failure. We will also recondition the replaced parts and redeliver them as finished spare parts.

Rotor-gear spare parts stocked at the depot

Turbine rotors, blades and gears are critical parts, and we strongly recommend that our users store a complete rotor and gear assembly as common spare parts.

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