Distributed Power for Total Energy Solutions : Solution Examples

Solution Examples

Here we provide examples of actual solutions, both in Japan and worldwide.

Using Gas Engine Waste Heat

Aeon Mall China, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Shopping Center
- Air conditioning harnesses gas engine waste heat to achieve greater overall system efficiency -


As a flagship mall with the largest floor area of any of the Aeon China Group's malls, this eco mall, scheduled to open in 2015, will produce its own power from natural gas engines. As the first commercial facility in this area slated to achieve a Grade 2 green architectural rating (an environmental classification for buildings in China), this mall will use a cogeneration system that combines a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries high-efficiency gas engine power generation unit with a turbo chiller and an absorption-type chiller. This system will supply cold water for air-conditioning in the summer and hot water for heating in the winter.

Aeon China Group's mall

Main Components and System Configuration

  • Gas engine (1,500 kilowatt): 3units
  • Centrifugal chiller (810 refrigeration ton): 3units
  • Absorption refrigerating machine (390 refrigeration ton): 3units
Container-configured Gas Engine ("MEGANINJA")

Energy-efficient Chiller Operating with Heat Source Control System:

Sony Corporation Sendai Technology Center
- Energy-efficient chiller operating in conjunction with Heat Source Control System (Ene-Conductor) general heat source control system -


While this center already operated variable speed driven centrifugal chiller, upgrading to the latest variable speed driven centrifugal chiller and using the Ene-Conductor for operational controls resulted in annual energy cost reductions of 23 percent.

Sony Corporation Sendai Technology Center

Main Components and System Configuration

  • Variable speed driven centrifugal chiller (ETI-50): 2units
  • Ene-Conductor: 1unit
Variable speed driven centrifugal chiller

District Cooling System, Singapore: Distributed Power for Total Energy Solutions

Centrifugal chillers for district cooling system serving Marina Bay, Singapore


MHI supplies the high efficiency and very reliable centrifugal chillers for a district cooling system to serve Marina Bay Area, Singapore.
Our chiller can produce very high cooling capacity with lesser electricity and help to reduce CO2 emission

Marina Bay, Singapore


  • Centrifugal chiller: 16 units
Centrifugal Chiller
Centrifugal Chillers

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