F-15J Fighter Plane
[ Defense Aircraft ]

The F-15 fighter jet, the commanding fighter built for the U.S. Air Force, was developed by Boeing (former McDonnell Douglas) with its first flight in 1972.
In Japan, it was adopted by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) as the main fighter aircraft to complement the air defense capability following the retirement of the F-104 fighter plane. It is a supersonic, all-weather air superiority fighter based on the F-15C Eagle, with some modifications made such as radar warning. It is manufactured under license as the F-15J, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. as the primary contractor. The first F-15J was delivered to JASDF in 1981.

Main specifications

Width 13.1m
Length 19.4m
Height 5.6m
Max. gross weight Approximately 25,000kg
Engine Approximately 8,600kg
(with usage of after burner 10,600kg)×2
Max. speed Approximately M2.5
Equipment 20mm class machine gun ×1
Air-to-air radar missiles ×4
Air-to-air infrared missiles ×4

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