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MHI Opens "Yokohama Hardtech Hub"
-- Space for Venture Firms, Manufacturers, and Like-minded Companies to Come Together for Co-creation --
-- Aims to Realize a Safe and Secure Society through Hardtech Innovation Emergence --


・ Accelerating solutions to social challenges and supporting regional development through connections and co-creation with venture firms, manufacturers, and various organizations
・ Utilizing a 20,000m2 facility on the site of MHI's Honmoku Plant in Yokohama

Yokohama Hardtech Hub

Tokyo, October 26, 2020 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has opened Yokohama Hardtech Hub (YHH) in the Honmoku area of Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture) as a space for venture firms, manufacturing companies, local government bodies, educational institutions, and other organizations to come together for co-creation and development. It is intended as a central hub that will give rise to new technologies and businesses through co-creation, in order to generate and realize innovative ideas in hard tech(Note1) to be implemented in society.

The YHH will occupy a building on the site of the Honmoku Plant (Naka-ku, Yokohama) with equipment and facilities to meet the manufacturing requirements of hardtech companies, including cranes, power supplies, and other utilities, as well as an eight meter-high ceiling and high soil bearing capacity. The 20,000m2 co-creation hub also offers a multipurpose space suitable for hosting events, meeting rooms, and other facilities necessary for business.

MHI will utilize the YHH as a space for innovation emergence centered on technology, and by fostering connections among a wide variety of participants, provide assistance for venture firms, conduct joint development, and hold events. The YHH will also be used as a space for entrepreneurship by MHI Group employees, and to nurture new businesses. Further, by bringing together innovators from around the world, YHH will offer an environment that generates new industries and culture, and will contribute to the invigoration of Yokohama and other regional areas.

Currently, YHH is soliciting applications from venture firms and similar companies with high aims, and is installing equipment to facilitate trial production and verification, such as thermal vacuum testing equipment, temperature cycle testing equipment, and a vibration testing system(Note2). In addition, the YHH Co-creation Event will be held regularly from December 2020 to inspire participants to find solutions to shared problems, and pursue co-creation.

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Look forward to good things from the co-creation space Yokohama Hardtech Hub as it seeks to realize a safe and secure society.

  • 1Hardtech is a technology field that combines digital innovation such as AI and IoT with physical innovation such as quantum technologies, material design, micromachining, and biotech, repeated trial production and verification being important. It will be central to the evolution of mechanical systems going forward.
  • 2 Thermal vacuum testing equipment: System to confirm the performance of components and devices in low-temperature, high vacuum environments similar to that in outer space. (Installed for Orbital Engineering, Inc.)
    Temperature cycle testing equipment: System to confirm the performance of components and devices when subjected to repeated changes in temperature. (Installed for Orbital Engineering, Inc.)
    Vibration testing system: Equipment to apply a vibration load through predetermined vibration frequency or speed in order to evaluate the effects of vibration on components and devices. (Installed for IMV Corporation).
Yokohama Hardtech Hub
Yokohama Hardtech Hub

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