Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in EMEA


MHI-EMEA supports aircraft and aerospace efforts, including civil aero engines.


The MHI-EMEA Compressors division represents MHI Compressor Corporation (MCO) in the EMEA region. MCO focuses on the design, manufacturing, and sales and after-sales services, of compressor systems composed of compressors, drive machinery or generally steam turbines, and peripheral equipment. These products are primarily used in the energy and petrochemical industry.

Corrugating Machinery

The MHI-EMEA Corrugating Machinery Division is based in Almere, The Netherlands and serves the growing, dynamic packaging industry with leading edge equipment systems, sales, parts, technical and field support, making it one of the most respected suppliers to converters in the EMEA region.

MHI-EMEA Corrugating & Printing Machinery Division

Address: Splijtbakweg 115 Almere, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31-36-8000000

Decarbonisation and Energy Transition

MHI-EMEA provides clients across the EMEA region with technology solutions focused on the energy transition and decarbonisation. This includes carbon capture, utilisation and storage solutions as well as projects along the hydrogen value chain.

MHI-EMEA Dusseldorf Branch

Address: Kennedydamm 19, 40476 Düsseldorf, Germany
Telephone: +49-211-61855107

Smart Infrastructure

Our Digital Solutions Division based in Erlangen, Germany is dedicated to making infrastructure smarter and better connected. By actively developing cutting-edge software technologies while employing an agile framework to generate ideas for the business models of the future, we support MHI Group to provide customers with its standard suite of digital solutions, 'ΣSynX', for synchronizing and coordinating various types of machinery systems. This enables MHI to offer customers automation, optimization, and high reliability with easy, one-stop solutions.

MHI-EMEA Digital Solutions Division (Erlangen Branch)

Address: Hauptstr. 40, 91054 Erlangen, Germany

Marine Machinery

MHI-EMEA supports the activities of MHI Marine Machinery & Equipment (MHI-MME). MHI-MME provides an extensive range of marine machinery products developed using our original, state-of-the-art technology and designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the marine industry today. Products include MHI-MME MET Turbochargers that are used by all global major engine manufacturers as well as boilers and turbines utilize cutting-edge technology to increase fuel and heat efficiency, save space, and reduce environmental impact of the shipping industry.