History : Hitachi Works

Hitachi Works

1910 Started machine manufacturing and repair business as an ancillary business of Hitachi Mine, Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd.
1912 Started product sales as Hitachi Seisakusho Kuhara Mining Co., Ltd.
1918 1,000kVA Steam Turbine Generator completed.
1920 Incorporated as Hitachi, Ltd. with ¥10 million paid-in capital.
1930 Kaigan Factory established.
1933 2.8MW Land Steam Turbine completed.
1945 Kaigan Factory destroyed.
1956 The Electrical Machinery Repair Shop was named the Initial Workshop and restored in the Kaigan Factory.
1972 The first Nuclear Turbine (138.6MW) completed.
1988 The first H-25 Type Gas Turbine (25MW class) completed.
1993 Gas Turbine Research & Development Center built.
1997 70MW Class Superconducting Generator completed.
2010 Celebrated its 100th year in business.
2011 Kaigan Factory damaged during Great East Japan Earthquake. (Declaration of full restoration made after two weeks.)
2014 Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd., a joint venture company formed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Hitachi, integrating thermal power generation systems and other related businesses, established. Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems' Hitachi Works was formed as a result.
2016 Hitachi Works Main Building Opened.
2020 Established Mitsubishi Power, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Power's Hitachi Works was formed as a result.