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We deliver the latest information on the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries website using RSS. If you use a browser, a mailer, or an RSS reader that is compatible with RSS you will be able to view the latest information without visiting the website.

RSS (an abbreviation of Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication, etc.) is an XML-based delivery format for delivering summaries of websites and headlines of articles. Using RSS, you can obtain the update times, headlines, and summaries of news websites and blogs and check updated information on multiple websites at a glance. Using RSS you can collect the latest information you need promptly. This website is compatible with RSS1.0.

To use RSS, you need software or an RSS compatible browser for obtaining and viewing information efficiently from a website called an RSS reader.

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MHI is unable to answer questions about the use of RSS or questions or inquiries about software provided by third parties, such as RSS readers, and its functions.

MHI provides free RSS feeds for information purposes only. Use is restricted to non-commercial purposes only, and MHI does not endorse any specific RSS Feed reader or other 3rd party application.