MHI Group to Provide Relief Support to Victims of the January 1, 2024 Earthquake Disaster Centered on the Noto Peninsula

Tokyo, January 12, 2024 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) wishes to express its deepest sympathies to all the victims of the powerful earthquake that occurred on January 1st centered on the Noto Peninsula. To provide relief to those affected by the disaster and assist in recovery and reconstruction of the devastated regions, MHI Group has taken the decision to make a financial contribution and provide relief supplies to the affected areas as described below, working through the Central Community Chest of Japan (CCCJ).

We are also taking necessary steps to provide manpower assistance to restore MHI Group products impacted by the disaster, aiming to achieve restoration and recovery throughout the affected regions as quickly as possible.

  • Contribution
    10 million yen
  • Relief Supplies
    350,000 disposable face masks (non-medical) manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd.