Re: Discussions with the Support Group for The Wartime Labor Corps

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Responding to the request from the group supporting the women's labor corps to set up a meeting to seek resolution of the issue related to the former women's labor corps members who worked in the Nagoya region during World War II, MHI has had 16 meetings with the group since November 2010.

The members of the women's labor corps filed a suit against MHI, although the governments of Korea and Japan had already agreed on the compensation issue, and the ruling that MHI has no liability was sealed by the Supreme Court of Japan in October 2008. Throughout the series of meetings, the group has maintained its claims against MHI that had already been denied by the court, including compensation for an individual, and unfortunately, the parties have failed to come to an agreement.

Nevertheless, MHI will actively be involved with the quest to reinforce the friendly relationship between Korea and Japan, including the scholarship for Korean young generations.