Bulletin Board Notice re Current Status of Investigation on Virus Infections (2)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
After MHI became aware of the virus infection of its computers in mid-August, the company has carried out detailed investigations in collaboration with outside specialists. Since then, the company has not found any leakage of data concerning company products or technologies outside the company; however, the company recently confirmed unintended transferring of some information on the company's products and technologies between servers within the company. Based on the finding, the company investigated the incident further and recognized the possibility of some data leakage from the server in question.

To date the company has not confirmed any leakage of data to be protected concerning defense and nuclear power. The company is continuously carrying out investigation in other product areas also.

The company expresses its regret for causing a great deal of concern and inconvenience among customers and related parties. Going forward MHI will continue its investigation into the incident and will fully cooperate with police authorities on this matter.