Bulletin Board Notice re Current Status of Investigation on Virus Infections

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Immediately after MHI became aware of the possibility that its computers may have been infected by viruses in mid-August, the company took steps both to prevent the further spread of virus infections, including virus cleaning, and to strengthen monitoring and protection structures. In parallel with these actions, detailed investigations and necessary counter measures are being carried out in collaboration with outside specialists.

To date the company has not confirmed any leakage of data concerning company products or technologies; however, considering the scale and maliciousness of this cyber attack, the company has filed a damage report to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Going forward MHI will continue its investigation into the incident and will fully cooperate with police authorities on this matter.

Considering the importance of its products and technologies, the company had implemented specific measures designed to ensure a high level of information security prior to this incident occuring. Taking special notice of the latest incident, the company will pursue further strengthening of information security measures.