Response of MHI and its Group Companies to the Great East Japan Earthquake

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) extends its deepest sympathies to the many victims of the massive earthquake and tsunami that caused incalculable loss of lives and property throughout eastern Japan on March 11.
We sincerely pray for the safety of all those affected by the disaster and for recovery of all regions as quickly as possible.

    MHI's Response to the Disaster

    as of April 18, 2011

    • Starting immediately after the earthquake, we began providing relief to the affected regions in various ways. For example, we dispatched engineers to help achieve quick restoration of operations at thermal power plants damaged in the quake. Liaising with medical associations, we have also been using company helicopters and airplanes to deliver medicines and other emergency supplies to areas near the zones evacuated around the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Additionally, we are helping to achieve early restoration of the affected areas’ social infrastructure, including bridges, mechanical parking equipment, electronic toll collection systems and machine tools.
    • In response to power shortages in the wake of the earthquake, we are doing everything possible toward restoring power supplies. For example, we have cooperated with Tokyo Electric Power Co., Ltd. (TEPCO) in moving gas turbine generating equipment made by MHI, which is generously loaned to Japan by the Government of Thailand, and we have been making urgent deliveries of small and medium-scale power generating equipment usable as emergency power supplies.
    • We are cooperating in conversion work to the Mega-Float provided by Shizuoka City to TEPCO to store large volumes of water presently pooling at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
    • Since immediately after the disaster, we have been liaising with other utilities where our pressurized water reactors (PWR) are in use, considering measures for coping with a natural disaster of the kind that occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Furthermore, although our PWRs are a different type of reactor from those in use at the Daiichi plant, we are cooperating by offering our suggestions, based on our shared expertise in nuclear power, for dealing with the current situation.
    • Groupwide, we have pledged relief aid in an amount equivalent to 500 million yen. In addition, our employees are soliciting relief funds at all company production bases.

    Going forward, besides continuing the foregoing support initiatives, we will do everything possible to achieve stable supplies of stand-alone power generators and other products necessary for achieving recovery.

    Status of MHI Production Bases, Etc.

    as of April 18, 2011

    No major production bases in the MHI Group sustained significant damage as a direct consequence of the disaster, and all facilities are currently operating normally. Although some difficulty is being experienced in securing necessary parts and other supplies, every effort is being made to obtain the needed items, and we project that impact on production will be minimal.

    Concerning our factories serviced by TEPCO -specifically, the Kanazawa and Honmoku plants of the Yokohama Dockyard & Machinery Works, and the Sagamihara Machinery Works- as well as the Mitsubishijuko Yokohama Bldg. and our Head Office Building in Shinagawa, we foresee some degree of impact on our operations this summer as measures will be implemented to conserve energy usage. Further information regarding this matter will be posted on this website when available.