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MHI Publishes “ESG DATABOOK 2021”


・ Compilation of ESG information regarding MHI Group, with presentation of detailed performance data for fiscal 2020.
・ Strengthening the sustainability management structure to accelerate ESG measures through business activities.



Tokyo, December 17, 2021 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) today released the English-language version of its ESG DATABOOK 2021(Note), a compendium of information regarding the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of MHI Group. Divided into four chapters (Management, Governance, Environment, and Contributions to Society), the report includes a comprehensive overview of ESG criteria and other types of non-financial information regarding MHI Group, together with a presentation of its latest sustainability initiatives.

The ESG DATABOOK provides stakeholders with a keen interest in ESG activities with detailed ESG performance data for each fiscal year, compiled from the entire corporate group. It has been published annually since fiscal 2018 to complement the MHI REPORT, which conveys in an integrated manner, financial factors including business strategies and results, along with non-financial factors such as their relationship with the environment and society.

This year’s ESG DATABOOK presents the five priority issues (materiality) for MHI Group, established with the aim of enhancing enterprise value by providing solutions to the problems facing the world and achieving growth over the longer term. It also reports the company-wide targets to achieve as part of MHI’s commitment to realizing a carbon neutral society. In its “Mission Net Zero” declaration on carbon neutrality announced in October 2021, MHI Group set targets to reduce CO2 emissions from its group operations, as well as from its entire value chain, to net zero by 2040.

This report also provides a detailed introduction to the new “Materiality Council” and “Sustainability Committee,” established on October 1, 2021, to strengthen MHI’s sustainability management structure in consideration of calls from the international community and stakeholders for greater environmental, social, and economic sustainability from the corporate sector. The Materiality Council will establish working groups for each item of materiality, monitor the business activities to achieve these aims, and give directions to relevant business divisions regarding necessary measures. The Sustainability Committee provides decision-making at the management level to ensure that MHI is a company responsive to the increasing social demands regarding ESG issues.

Going forward, MHI Group will continue to provide straightforward communication to a wide range of stakeholders regarding the various environmental and social issues surrounding the effort to achieve carbon neutrality and a sustainable society, and their relation to MHI Group.

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