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Zhejiang Nisshin Worthington starts up Z-Hi reversing cold mill supplied by Primetals Technologies


On October 25, a Z-Hi reversing cold mill supplied by Primetals Technologies was officially inaugurated

at the Pinghu, China production site of Zhejiang Nisshin Worthington Precision Specialty Steel Co., Ltd.

The mill had commenced operation in July. It is designed to produce 120,000 metric tons per year of

precision specialty steels, mainly for automotive applications. It is the first mill of this type worldwide

capable of processing wide strips at high rolling speeds of up to 800 m/min. The aim is to serve the

world´s largest automotive market, where a significant increase in demand for special steel coils and

sheets is expected. The mill can be run in two different reduction modes and features a newly designed

quick roll changing device. Automatic gauge control(AGC) and automatic shape control (ASC) optimize

shape and flatness of the strip. The order to supply the mill was awarded to Primetals Technologies in

December 2013.