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Primetals Technologies extends intensive cooling section on ThyssenKrupp hot strip mill


Primetals Technologies has completed work for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG on expanding the intensive cooling section of hot strip mill 2 in Duisburg-Beeckerwerth. The "Power Cooling" system from Primetals Technologies, operational since December 2010 and substantially enlarged in 2014, has passed its acceptance test. The system cools all steel grades including high-strength steel grades quickly and reliably in a wide range of thicknesses. The aim of the expansion work is to develop new materials that require higher cooling rates and thus helps ThyssenKrupp Steel gain a technological edge over competitors. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe now runs its hot strip mill to produce materials that could only previously be made on plate rolling mills, and uses the intensive cooling system with great success for many grades that used to be cooled only in laminar mode. The high cooling rates and precise temperature control allow exact adjustment of the microstructure. Consequently, smaller quantities of alloying elements are needed to produce certain steel products.