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Primetals Technologies receives final acceptance for Secondary dedusting system at Trinecke zelezamy


Trinecky in乞enyring, a.S. has given prime怡IS Techn010gies the final acceP怡nce certificate forthe

modernized secondary dedusting system inste11ed in the Trinecke 之elezarny a.S. converter steel works.

Trinecky in乞enyring, a.S. was selected by Trinecke 之eleZ■rny a.S., as a turn key supplier. The project

Was financed from czech and Eu funds. The system rernoves the dustfrom two converterlines and

Secondary plant equipment.吐 is designed to purify 2.4 mi11ion cubic meters of gas per hour. The dust

Content ofthe puri"ed 0仟・gas has been reduced to less than one mi11四ram per S怡ndard cubic meter. For

the 打rsttime, the dust 介om the desulfurization stations is trapped and c011ected separately. The use of

modern system control and bloW引 drive techn010gy optimizes energy consumption. The hot metal

Charging has also been speeded up to increase the production cepacity. primetals Techn010gies

received the ord引from T而necky in之enyring in December 2012. The 行rst upgraded converter ceme into

OP引ation in october 2014, and the entire plant has been fU11y oP引ational since the stad of octob引 2015.