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First LD (BOF) converter from Primetals Technologies started up at JSW Steel


In mid-September a new LD (BOF) converter supplied by Primetals Technologies was started up in the Steel Melt Shop no. 2 in Vijayanagar, Toranagallu of Indian steelmaker Jindal South West Steel Ltd. (JSW Steel). Since then, the converter is in full production mode. It is part of an order received in September 2014 under which Primetals Technologies will exchange a total of four LD (BOF) converters. The converters are made of high-temperature creep-resistant steel. In conjunction with a combined air and water cooling system, this will achieve a long service life. The new converters will have a larger interior volume than the previously used models. This will reduce slopping. The remaining converters will be consecutively replaced until spring 2016.