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Primetals Technologies supplies Air Bearing Shapemeters and ISV Spraybars for Dingsheng Aluminium


Primetals Technologies has been awarded an order from Jiangsu Dingsheng Aluminium (Dinsheng) in

China to supply 60 sets of Air Bearing Shapemeters, ISV Spraybars, Magnescale Transducers and four

packages of spare parts. The equipment is part of Dingsheng´s foil rolling mill expansion project taking

place on three sites, the new Tong Liao site in Inner Mongolia, and the two existing sites Zhengjiang in

Jiangsu Province and Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. The Air Bearing Shapemeters will provide

accurate on-line flatness measurement of rolled foil material, and the ISV Spraybar systems will improve

strip quality by controlling the thermal profile of the mill rolls. First deliveries were made in October 2016

and final deliveries will be made in February 2019.