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Press Information

MHI Delivers the Second Next-Generation Cruise Ship "AIDAperla" to AIDA Cruises
-- Ship to set Sail for Majorca, Spain, beginning of May --

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Delivery ceremony

1. Mitsubishi Air Lubrication System (MALS): An innovative system in which air blown out from the vessel, produces small air bubbles that cover the vessel's underside like an "air-carpet," reducing friction between the hull and seawater during navigation. MALS also enables a significant reduction in energy usage and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

2. Pod propulsion system: A propulsion system whereby a ship's propellers are turned by cocoon-shaped attachments called "pods" that have built-in electric motors. The advantages of a pod propulsion system include reduced fuel consumption, outstanding steering performance (because the pods rotate), low noise and vibration (because there is no propeller shaft), and greater freedom in the system's placement within the ship.

Main Specifications of the AIDAperla
Gross tonnage Approx. 125,000 tons
Length overall 300 meters
Width 37.6 meters
No. of decks 18
No. of staterooms 1,643
Delivery ceremony