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Taisei Corporation, Okamura Corporation and MHI to Jointly Develop OLED Desk Lamps for Offices
- Office-wide Verification Program to Begin -

Taisei Corporation
Okamura Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

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  • OLED panels that meet the world's highest performance standards
    The new OLED panels are mass-produced using proven inline deposition technologies, and meet the world's highest performance standards for brightness, service life and color rendering in office settings.
  • OLED desk lamps with a flat, thin design
    The desk lamps take advantage of the thinness of OLED panels and will be offered in two types to meet various requirements of users: one for desktop installation and one for installation on desktop panels.
  • Comfortable, quality and energy-saving environment, realized by OLED lighting
    Entire rooms within the ZEB verification facility to be completed in June by Taisei Corporation will be equipped with OLED desk lamps that emit soft, glare-free light. The quality of the workplace environment created by the OLED desk lamps in combination with natural daylight, ceiling light and indirect light will then be evaluated for energy conservation, glare reduction and overall ambient brightness.

* Net-Zero Energy Building (ZEB): A building with zero or nearly zero energy consumption on annual basis by reducing energy consumption through enhanced energy efficiency, on-site utilization of renewable energy, etc.

OLED desk lamp

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