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Primetals Technologies to supply continuous caster and secondary metallurgy facilities for MMKI


Primetals Technologies has received an order from Ukrainian steel producer PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel

Works of Mariupol” to supply a two-strand continuous slab caster, a twin ladle furnace with an alloying

station, and the associated dedusting system. The previous orders for the basic and detail engineering,

received in 2014 and 2015, have already been successfully executed by Primetals Technologies.The

two-strand caster CC4 is designed to produce 2.5 million metric tons of slabs per annum. This will

increase MMKI's annual production capacity to around four million metric tons, as well as enhancing and

expanding its product portfolio to include, for example, HC, UHC and ULC steels. A level 3 heat-pacing

solution will coordinate the steel production with the casting operation.